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Hey! This is my fifth blog post for GSoC 2019, covering week 7 and 8.

The most of week 7 was spent making Protego compatible with Google’s parser. I also worked on the documentation, since Protego codebase is small enough, proper comments and a good readme was sufficient. I uploaded Protego to PyPI - pip install Protego that’s all it takes to install Protego.

Week 8 was quite interesting. For Protego to become default in Scrapy, it is necessary that it doesn’t throw any kind of error while parsing robots.txt files. To make sure that, I decided to download robots.txt from top 10,000 websites. I added tests to see if Protego throws any exceptions while parsing the downloaded robots.txt. I benchmarked Protego, and the results were quite disappointing. You can see the result here.

We decided to spend the next week improving performance of Protego. I am going to try profiling and heuristics, and see if the performance can be improved.

Anubhav Patel

Anubhav Patel

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